Orbán Viktor hívta Magyarországra Nikola Gruevszkit!

2019. 12. 02.

Megszereztük a sokat titkolt meghívólevelet, amivel Orbán Viktor már 2 éve megpróbálta kimenteni szövetségesét a börtönbüntetés elől!
Nikola Gruevszki 2006-2016 között a Macedón Köztársaság miniszterelnöke. Miniszterelnöksége idején a macedón titkosszolgálat tömegével végzett illegális lehallgatást ellenzéki, vagy kormánykritikusnak tartott macedón polgárok ellen. Gruevszki a miniszterelnöksége idején elkövetett korrupciós bűncselekményekért bukása után két év letöltendő börtönbüntetést kapott, ami elől a magyar hatóságok segítségével illegálisan Magyarországra menekült, ahol menedékjogot kapott.
A meghívólevelet lentebb megtalálhatják.
A részletes tudósításunkat itt találhatják.

We’ve got it! We have obtained the letter of invitation concealed many times before by means of which Viktor Orbán tried to rescue his ally from the imprisonment two years ago.

In November of 2018 Macedonia asked the Hungarian authorities for extraditing former Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski. Nevertheless, the Ministry of Justice of Hungary refused to extradite the former Macedonian Prime Minister who has fallen, by the way, because of an eavesdrop scandal. I’d like to remind you: Gruevski as Prime Minister made secret services illegally eavesdrop his political opponents as well as civilians and journalists. I think the Hungarian government mustn’t hide such a man, it mustn’t make excuses for such a criminal. Nikola Gruevski must be extradited to Macedonia!

From November of 2017 I asked the Hungarian ministries no less than four times whether failed Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski as well as secret service leaders concerned in the eavesdrop scandal would be given political asylum in Hungary. Then the ministries denied everything, they flew off at a tangent. However, it’s hard to imagine that the Hungarian ministries and the competent authorities could overlook the Macedonian eavesdrop scandal in 2015. Wouldn’t this question have arisen in the diplomatic or even the secret service co-operation? Interestingly, secret service leaders Goran Gruyovski and Nikola Boskovski were captured at the airport of Thessaloniki while aiming for Hungary with a false Bulgarian passport.

There is another important thing. During the legal proceedings in Macedonia former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski tried to get back from the Macedonian authorities his passport withdrawn earlier by presenting a letter of invitation in which Hungarian Prime Minister had invited him to Hungary. As for this letter of invitation we submitted an information request to the Hungarian ministries but none of them was disposed to answer. We’ve been told they are not controllers in this case. Finally, in the course of a legal trial, we’ve been able to obtain a letter signed by Viktor Orbán in which he had invited Nikola Gruevski to Hungary.

The Hungarian public could be subsequently informed that Nikola Gruevski had escaped judgement-at-law to Hungary basically with the assistance of Hungarian diplomacy. Unfortunately, the Hungarian diplomatic network participated in it, the Hungarian diplomatic network helped Gruevski to get to Hungary. The Hungarian Foreign Ministry, one might say, is functioning now as a travel agency for criminals.

Then, what is absolutely clear from this letter of invitation signed by Viktor Orbán himself is that the Hungarian Prime Minister plays the role of a political godfather using the entire Hungarian state administration for this purpose. And the state administration has been also used for supporting the political friends, for establishing a network which, they hope, would be able to assist them after their fall.

The Habony-media apparently gained immense ground in Macedonia. That’s obviously no accident, neither is the fact that the Hungarian authorities are unwilling to extradite Nikola Gruevski to Macedonia.

To what extent does the Hungarian administration serve these interests? How could Nikola Gruevski legally get to Hungary? There could have been two possible ways of it. First, he should have been given a so-called D-visa which you can remember from the case of Ghaith Pharaon, a criminal wanted for financing terrorism, since he came to Hungary in this manner as well to dine with Prime Minister Viktor Orbán himself. Or, second, he should have been sent to the transit zone. As far as we know, neither of these cases came about.

It is no accident that I prosecuted twice asking about the participation of the Hungarian authorities as well as the legality of their treatment. Obviously, I was rejected. The explanation was very absurd according to which no crime has been committed because the crime has been committed by the Hungarian authorities.

What could be more natural for leaders of the Hungarian administration (such as the under-secretary of state of the Hungarian Foreign Ministry) than regularly meeting a former Prime Minister sentenced non-appealably to imprisonment? Such a meeting between a Hungarian under-secretary of state and Nikola Gruevski took place last June in a hitherto unknown private apartment.

Here we are in an apartment house on Margaret Boulevard. The apartment mentioned above can be found here. On 7. June last year, under-secretary of state of the Hungarian Foreign Ministry István Joó met former Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski in this apartment. I asked the Hungarian Foreign Ministry several times about the apartment and the meeting as well but I have had no answer yet. So we’ve been forced to bring a legal action against the ministry. That legal action has terminated by now. Judgement-at-law declares we must be given, within 15 days, the data related to the following issues: For what reason, exactly, did the under-secretary of state of the Hungarian Foreign Ministry meet Nikola Gruevski in this apartment? What were they talking about? Whom, exactly, did Nikola Gruevski meet from the part of the Hungarian government? How often did he meet them? What was their official position?

We are interested in, too, whether that apartment is used by the Hunarian state. If so, upon what grounds does the Hungarian state use that apartment? And how did the Hungarian state come in contact with the Chinese owner of the apartment? The latter, as investigative journalists revealed, is in relation to the residency bond business linking to Antal Rogán.

As you could see in the media, the former Macedonian Prime Minister sentenced non-appealably to imprisonment, interestingly enough, is living in Hungary in not very poor conditions. Considering the information available in the Macedonian media he cannot actually afford it. We couldn’t think the social benefits that a political refugee may be given in Hungary are sufficient to guaranttee these high standards of living.

We submitted another information request to the National Directorate-General for Aliens Policing, that was not unexpected, asking about the sum of money given to Nikola Gruevski by the Hungarian state for daily living. How can he finance his amazingly high standards of living photographed regularly by Hungarian investigative journalists? Now, we are waiting for the outcome of this trial, of course. And as regards other cases, needless to say, we will continue to inform you as soon as we become aware of new developments.